The Caparison Dellinger-BASS is instantly familiar but at the same time much improved. Complete with the revolutionary Fishman Fluence Multi-Voiced pickup system this means that as well as giving you the legendary and unsurpassed rock performance that the Dellinger is famous for, it can now also deliver genuine and effortless jazz and funk tones – plus any other mood or any other style that you care to dial in!  And of course, Caparison has fitted the Fishman USB rechargeable battery pack as standard.

Added to this we have also included the option of through body or bridge stringing, and talking of bridges, the Caparison Dellinger-BASS has an improved Gotoh 303SJ-4 fitted - to give more sustain and resonance to your sound.

The neck is faster and more playable than ever, the ebony fret board is sheer perfection and the action super, super low. The addition of titanium rods within the length of the neck ensures that the Dellinger Bass has a stability that can be relied upon night after night whatever the conditions.

The Dellinger Bass is the culmination of years of research, improvements and upgrades. The Caparison mantra of ultimate playability, functional simplicity and the quest for perfection are very self-evident in this new version of the classic Dellinger bass. It is so much more than the sum of its parts, it is built to inspire.

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Caparison Dellinger-BASS, Dark Blue Matt
Dark Blue Matt
Caparison Dellinger-BASS, Dark Matt Black
Dark Black Matt
Caparison Dellinger-BASS, Dark Green Matt
Dark Green Matt

Body & Finish

Model Name: Dellinger-BASS
Body Material: Light Ash 2-P
Bridge: Gotoh 303SJ-4
Head Top: Pro. Black
Neck Finish: Urethane Matt Finish
Body Finish: Dark Blue Matt,
Dark Black Matt,
Dark Green Matt
Hardware: Gotoh Cosmo Black

Neck & Head

Neck Joint: Bolt-On
Neck Material: 5-Piece Maple/Walnut,
Twin Titanium Supports
Neck Grip: Caparison
Fingerboard: Ebony, Luminous Side Dots
Radius: R350 to R400
Scale Length: 864mm (34″)
Nut Width: 39mm
No. of Frets: 24
Fret Type: Jumbo, Nickel Silver
Depth, 1st Fret Approx. 22.0mm
Depth, 12th Fret Approx. 23.0mm
Nut: Graph Tech Black TUSQ
Position Inlay: Caparison Clock
Headstock: Devil’s Tail, Dellinger Logo
Head Angle: 15 Degrees
Tuners: Gotoh GB707
Tuning: Regular (1-G, 2-D, 3-A, 4-E)
Strings: RotoSound .045 - .105

Electronics & Accessories

The Fishman Fluence Bass Soapbar pickup system produces multiple timbres and sounds, each untethered from the other. Original and totally re-imagined, Fluence Multi-Voice pickups for electric bass are free from the hum, noise and frustrating inductance issues that plague even the most coveted wire-wound pickups, revealing pure, uncorrupted bass tone. Fluence Bass Soapbar pickups can be split for single coil operation with a Jazz Bass string window. Also, the included Treble and Bass controls can be used to further expand the tonal palette. Voicings for the Fluence Bass pickups were created to offer players a wide palette of sounds that cover all playing styles.

Neck Pickup: Fishman Fluence 4-String Bass Soapbar
Bridge Pickup: Fishman Fluence 4-String Bass Soapbar
Pickup Voicing: Voice 1 (Passive): Classic, fat and round
Voice 2 (Active): Full frequency, full dynamics
Voice 2 (Active + mid contour): Funk, Hi-Fi scooped
Single Coil Mode: Same voices + Jazz Bass string window
Controls: Master Volume (Push-Pull),
1 Dual POT for blend
1 Treble control
1 Bass control
3-way mini toggle Switch
Power: Fishman USB Rechargeable Battery Pack
Case: Reunion Blues case
Caparison Guitars Dellinger-BASS Pickup Switching

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