Apple Horn 8 EF

Mattias IA Eklundh Signature

新しいCaparison Apple Horn 8 EFは、指板をエボニーに変更し、ネック内部に2本のチタンバーを埋込み、ネックの反りに対する復元性能を高めました。



そして、このギターのルックスを特異なものに見せている*True TemperamentフレットシステムをMattiasが好むRosewood指板に搭載、8弦そして27フレットにまで及ぶ全てのフレットに対しての完璧なイントネーションを実現しています。*スウェーデンのTrue Temperament社が開発した、画期的なフレッティング・システムです。

“Every time I pick up the Caparison Apple Horn 8 I am utterly floored and flabbergasted by its playability and enormously rich tone. It’s like a chamber orchestra in one instrument!

“I own and have tried numerous eight string guitars but, never understood the full potential of the instrument until I had “The Beast” in my lap (as my fellow Caparison friends like to call it). The usual thing out there nowadays, it seems, is to get an eight string, turn up the distortion, do a little “djent-djent-djent” on the two lowest strings and make a pseudo evil face to go with it. The Apple Horn 8 has so, so much more to offer. You can play anything. The guitar is so well balanced, both in look and feel.

“I take a humble, sincere Viking bow to my dear buddies at Caparison for making this happen. This is not just another guitar. It will take me a few years to fully understand the nature and the astonishing wide spectrum of the Apple Horn 8. I am looking forward to the ride.” – Mattias “IA” Eklundh

Charcoal Black

Body & Finish

Model Name: Apple Horn 8 EF
Top: Walnut
Back: Mahogany
Bridge: Floyd Rose 8 String
Head Top: Pro. Black
Neck Finish: Oiled
Body Finish: Charcoal Black
Hardware: Floyd Rose Black,
Gotoh Cosmo Black

Neck & Head

Neck Joint: Bolt-On
Neck Material: Maple / Walnut 5-Piece with
Twin Titanuim Support Rods
Neck Grip: Apple Horn 8
Fingerboard: Ebony, White Binding
Radius: 350mmR to 400mmR
Scale Length: 685.8mm (27″)
Nut Width: 54mm
No. of Frets: 27
Fret Type: True Temperament Jumbo
Depth, 1st Fret Approx. 21.0mm
Depth, 12th Fret Approx. 22.0mm
Nut: Floyd Rose Locking
Position Inlay: None
Headstock: Devil’s Tail, AH8 Logo
Head Angle: 15 Degrees
Tuners: Gotoh SG381-07 H.A.P.
Tuning: E, B, G, D, A, E, LowA, LowE
Strings: RotoSound .009/.011/.016/

Electronics & Accessories

Neck Pickup: DiMarzio PAF 8
Bridge Pickup: DiMarzio D Activator 8
Controls: Master Volume with 2-Way
“Push-Push” Pickup Selector
Case: Fitted Hard Case