Caparison Cases by Reunion Blues


The RB Continental's water-resistant ballistic Quadraweave exterior surrounds a lightweight Flexoskeleton protection system of 1" thick high-density foam and EVA impact panels that offers enough protection to survive a 40-foot drop* without so much as a nick or scratch. Inside, a velvet tuck interior lining, solid-cell neck brace suspension system, and thick Softmesh-lined side panels cradle your instrument in a cocoon of scuff-proof luxury. And its Zero G palm-contoured handle with weight distributing foam core, knurled abrasion grid on top and bottom to resist scuffing, and hideaway backpack straps are designed for getting around in the real world – We are serious about supplying our players with the very best options available, and feel that with the Reunion Blues cases we are offering the best that you can get.

*We don't suggest that you try this drop test with your own guitar.

External Length: 42.5" / 1080mm
External Width: 14.43" / 367mm
External Height: 8.26" / 210mm
Internal Length: 40" / 1016mm
Internal Width: 12.93" / 328mm
Internal Height: 3" / 76mm
Bell Width: 14" / 356mm
Weight: 9lb / 4kg


We are happy to announce that the new range of Japanese built Caparison C2 Series Guitars will be supplied with high quality custom Reunion Blues AERO Guitar Cases.

The Reunion Blues Aero electric guitar case utilizes the same shock-absorbing Flexoskeleton technology found in the RB Continental case, in a lightweight, slim, aerodynamic shape. The interior features Reunion Blues signature double-helix quilted velvet lining, with a padded neck brace and locking security strap that will keep your prized instrument snug. The case also sports a comfortable Zero-G handle and padded backpack that make transportation a breeze.

External Length: 42.5" / 1080mm
External Width: 15.75" / 400mm
External Height: 4.75" / 121mm
Internal Length: 40.5" / 1029mm
Internal Width: 14" / 356mm
Internal Height: 2" / 51mm
Weight: 7lb / 3.2kg