Caparison Guitars - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order a custom Caparison guitar made to my own specifications?

No, unfortunately Caparison does not currently run a custom guitar building service.

Are regular Caparison models available with custom options?

Yes, most Caparison Regular Series models are available with a choice of finishes and have factory customisable switching and pickup options. Some models are also available with a choice of Ebony or Maple fret board material.

Can I purchase a guitar directly from Caparison, or do I have to buy it from a dealer?

Caparison Guitars should be purchased through an authorised Caparison dealer, Caparison does not sell guitars directly to the public. If there is no dealer in your area contact us and we will try to put you in touch with one closest to you who will ship to you.

Are any Caparison models available in left-hand versions?

Yes, Caparison is making some Regular Series models available in limited production runs.

What is the difference between regular Caparison and C2 Series models?

The regular Caparison models (Regular, Signature & Custom Line Series) are hand crafted in very small batches and in limited numbers. Each one passes though the designer’s hands and he personally sets each guitar up and even applies some of the custom finish options himself. These guitars are truly “master built” to the highest possible quality, and professional standards.

The regular Caparison models are all constructed using the best quality parts and materials, including Japanese and German made hardware. They also have Caparison Design pickups, which are the result of over 20 years of careful research and development, and are another integral part of the Caparison sound. They feature more intricate details than the C2 Series models, such as the mother of pearl and abalone clock inlays and composite bodies. The quality of finish is tightly controlled on both ranges, and all C2 Series shipments are also inspected by Caparison’s designer before being shipped.

The Caparison C2 Series are manufactured in larger volumes which helps keep the costs down but, they still incorporate the Caparison design ideals and high quality.

Where are Caparison guitars made?

Caparison guitars are made in Japan.

How can I find out prices for new Caparison guitars?

For pricing, please contact the nearest authorised dealer in your region. A full list of authorised Caparison dealers can be found on our website.

Can I register online?

Yes, you can register your Caparison guitar online whether it’s new or second hand through our online product registration form. This information is essential for warranty registration and can help us keep track of older models.

Can I send my guitar to Caparison for maintenance, repair, or upgrades?

Caparison do have authorised service and repair centres, please contact us for details.

Can I order replacement parts such as tremolo arms, pots, saddles, etc.?

Yes, Caparison do sell replacements for smaller parts, please contact us for details.

How can I find out the value of an old Caparison guitar no longer produced?

Caparison do not offer a valuation service, we recommend you check with an authorised dealer or check the Official Caparison Forum for estimated resale values.

Can I buy a neck or body separately?

No, Caparison do not supply necks or bodies separately. However, we will offer a neck exchange service, if the work is carried out at one of our authorised service centres. Please note that the old neck is not returned to the customer with the repaired guitar.

How can I become an authorised Caparison retailer?

If you are interested in becoming an authorised Caparison dealer, please contact us. We will consider all dealership applications but please note, we will only supply established “bricks and mortar” retailers and will not supply internet only retailers.

Where can I buy Caparison shirts and accessories?

You can purchase official Caparison merchandise and accessories through our online store.

How do I get a Caparison Endorsement?

As you will appreciate we receive many requests for Caparison Guitar endorsements. To be considered for our artists programme we require you to be an actively touring / recording musician currently signed to a recognised record label with international distribution. To apply, please contact us and supply us with an adequate promo package.