New Caparison Guitars 2014 Model Range

New for 2014, Caparison is launching five new guitars from our Regular model range, along with a raft of upgrades to all models. This includes the return of the TAT Special as a Custom Line 2014 limited edition model (pictured), which features a 5 piece, maple/walnut through neck design with a mahogany body back and a specially selected 5A flame maple top.

There are also two new 7 sting offerings in the range, the Dellinger7-M3 and Angelus7-M3B as well as a new Michael J. Romeo Signature model, the Dellinger-M3 MJR. The TAT II has been revised as the TAT II+S, to include more versatile pickup switching options.

The switches and input jacks have been upgraded on most models to Schaller made parts, and the Schaller and Caparison bridges now include upgraded electroplated corrosion resistant screws for ultimate durability.

Caparison has also teamed up with Reunion Blues to offer a customised version of their superb quality Reunion Blues Continental case, which now comes as standard with most Regular Caparison models for the best in luxury and protection for their instruments.