Introducing: 2012 Models

We are pleased to announce the 2012 Caparison line-up. The 2012 Caparison range consists of three series of guitars, Signature, Regular and Custom Line.

Signature Series: We have expanded our Signature catalog with the introduction of the JSM. The Joel Stroetzel (Killswitch Engage) signature model.

Regular Model Series: We now offer the Option Control upgrade on most models. There is also the choice of either an Ebony or Maple fingerboard for select Dellinger and Horus models. Furthermore, alternative EMG pickups can now be specified for all six string models.

The Horus and Dellinger7 range now feature our M3 and WM composite body construction, improving each guitars sound charicteristics further.

We have also introduced two new hand applied 'sponge finish' colours; SnowStorm and BlackRose. These incredible finishes are now also available on select Dellinger models.

Custom Line Series: The Custom Line Series consists of a strictly limited number of guitars that feature striking exotic wood finishes.