Caparison Design Pickups

"Caparison Guitars own pickup which is a feature of the Caparison Regular Series Guitars"

Caparison-designed pickups are one of the principal components responsible for creating the distinctive character of our electric guitars. Each pickup is developed and tested painstakingly in conjunction with different amplifiers, environments and recording setups to develop a specific character for each model. Unique must have it’s own voice, and with Caparison Designed pickups, it will do exactly that.

Humbucking Pickups


High output pickups with exceptional harmonics. These pickups can either be direct mounted or mounted in pickup rings. If the pickup is direct mounted the low mids will be emphasized giving you more growl and punch.
PH7-b, PH7-n:

With the same high output and exceptional harmonic qualities of the PH-R and PH-F pickups, the PH7-b and PH7-n's are amongst the very best sounding seven string pickups in the industry.

Single Coil Pickups


Vintage voiced high output single coil pickup with classic 'dry' tone characteristics. The VS-IA is wound with copper tape to help eradicate any extra unwanted noise.

Single Size Humbucking Pickups


A medium output pickup wound to produce a louder, cleaner and more dynamic sound than a standard single coil.

A pickup exclusively designed for our 27 fret guitars. The SH-27 compensates for the fact that the pickup is positioned closer to the middle of the guitar body therefore retaining the tone of a 'regular' neck pickup. Tonally very similar to the SH-N.