Caparison Design


"Seeking the perfect sound, leads to creating great shapes”

This is the basic concept of Caparison Guitars, always moving forward, evolving and always striving to achieve the best sounding and playing guitars that can be made.

From careful and thorough wood selection, pickup choice and development, switching and all other ancillary components, nothing is left to chance. We pride ourselves in the stability, tone, speed, comfort and reliability of our guitars, and in addition to this, the hand applied paint finish to some of our models and the unique fingerboard inlays are also very important elements in our design in order to inspire and enhance the exclusive qualities of our instruments.


As of 2014 we have installed upgraded corrosion resistant screws on all Schaller Tremolo Systems and Caparison Bridges.

All Caparison Regular Series Guitars are made and assembled on the same production line, whether they are our artists own endorsed instruments or our regular models, each one goes through the exact same process. Every neck is hand finished and every guitar goes through the same rigorous and demanding quality control. Each instrument is then strictly inspected and set up by our expert designers and craftsmen before being shipped from our factory in Japan.


As of 2014 all Caparison Regular Series guitars have Schaller Toggle Switches or 3 or 5 way Schaller Mega Switches fitted as standard, along with upgraded jack sockets.

All our Regular models have the same high quality hand wiring as our endorsees’ specification guitars. In addition, top quality CTS pots are used as standard on all our instruments (except for the Apple Horns “Push-Push” pot).

We only use lead-free solder in compliance with European RoHS standards

Neck Profile with Devil’s Tail Headstock

The standard Caparison neck profile has a soft, shallow D shape which flattens off towards the unique and distinctive ‘Devil’s Tail’ headstock end of the neck for precise and comfortable playing.

Nut Material

A Graph Tech Black TUSQ nut (artificial ivory) is fitted as standard on all non-tremolo Regular Caparison models