Colin Parks


"I have owned many caparisons over the years, the first time I had seen a Caparison was on a Soilwork video, I remember looking at the headstock design and just being in awe of this aggressive touch of contemporary beauty, it was like a devils tail on a guitar!! I then saw the iconic clock inlays, the rest is history!

"I was lucky enough to see Joel from Killswitch Engage at a Times of Grace show that my band at the time were on. I remember chatting to him about the guitars and he had a really strong passion to support this company, a vision in which I shared.

"I later joined Devilment a fully-fledged professional band and things went up a notch, at this time I was flying through guitars like hot dinners, there was always something that I just could not get on with, be it wood config, neck profile, pickup config or a mixture of all of the above.

"I just wanted something that truly felt like an extension of what I visualise in a sonic sense, and these guitars are just unbeatable. The attention to detail, the finishing, and the meticulous hand shaped necks are just something to behold. Simply put they are the absolute perfect partner for what I do in Devilment, mean, lean, with a perfect balance, an absolute contemporary monster."