Blood Stain Child

"私はCaparisonを使い始めて5年ぐらいになりますが、これほどこちらが要求する全てが揃っているギターは他にはないと思います。 サウンド、ルックス、弾きやすさどれをとっても最高です。今は"Orbit"と"Dellinger custom"モデルを使っています。ヘヴィなだけでなくオールラウンドに使用できますし、どのモデルもハイエンドです。全てのモデルが欲しくなります!"

“It has been about 5 years since I started using Caparison. I feel there are no guitars like Caparison, which can satisfy all of our needs. The sound, looks, playability, everything is there with Caparison, and they provide the best performance. I’m currently using the two models, “Orbit” and “Dellinger Custom.” The guitars’ application is not only for the heavy sound, these are high-end models and all-rounder for every aspect of your music play. Make me want to get all the models!”

Ryu is the guitarist in Blood Stain Child, a Japanese melodic death metal band from the city of Osaka. The band's musical style combines modern melodic death metal with electro-industrial and trance or as they call it 'hybrid metal trance'. The band formed under the name "Visionquest" in 1999, but reformed under the name Blood Stain Child in 2000.

photographer: Ichiro Mori