Jona Weinhofen

I Killed The Prom Queen / Ex- Bleeding Through / Ex- Bring Me The Horizon

“I first discovered the Japanese Caparison guitars when I saw pictures of Soilwork playing their Horus models back in 2001. I was instantly drawn to the sleek aesthetic of the guitars as well as the unique headstock design. I bought my first Caparison Dellinger in 2004 and immediately fell in love. I have since used the TAT, Dellinger, Horus and Angelus models and I can honestly say i'll never need to play any other type of guitar again.”

Austrailian guitarist Jona Weinhofen formed the Austrailian metalcore band “I Killed the Prom Queen” in 2000. When they split up in 2007, Jona joined “Bleeding Through”. After leaving “Bleeding Through” in 2009, Jona replaced Curtis Ward in “Bring Me the Horizon” until 2013. “I Killed the Prom Queen” reunited in 2011 with Jona. Jona's custom guitars were released as the Angelus Custom Line 2013.